December 14, 2016: Job Announcement: The California Department of Fish and Wildlife, South Coast Region, is hiring a couple of part-time, temporary scientific aides and expects that two of them will work on shot hole borer coordination out of their office in San Diego. The positions are currently funded through June. Hours are fairly flexible. Starting pay is $12.11/hour and includes some vacation and sick leave benefits but not health, etc. Final filing date for the positions is 12/28/16.
Click here to view the job listing and complete application instructions.
July 30, 2015: The RCD is honored to receive a Building Regional Resilience Grant from the San Diego Foundation. We will work in partnership with the Fire Safe Council of San Diego County to help keep San Diego fire safe. Read the press release from the San Diego Foundation. More info to follow soon!
KECR Afternoons "Community Focus” Host Steve Blessing interviews Sheryl Landrum, District Manager of the Resource Conservation District of Greater San Diego County (RCDGSDC). Sheryl answers questions about the history and the purpose of the organization.

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