Wild Willow Farm needs your help! We have worked hard over the years to make Wild Willow an inclusive community for people to learn, grow food, help the environment, and meet new people. Like so many organizations, COVID-19 has had a big impact on our work and our ability to connect with our community. To protect the health of our staff and visitors we have paused all of our community-facing programs at Wild Willow Farm, such as workshops, classes, field trips, for the foreseeable future. Without these activities, which enable us to connect with all of you and share our passion for regenerative agriculture, we have lost nearly two thirds of our income! This is revenue that covers the costs of running the farm: rent, water, supplies, goat feed, repairs, etc. If Wild Willow has touched you in any way throughout the years please consider donating to save our farm! We know this is a hard time for many people and organizations; if you are unable to donate please consider sharing this post to get the word out! If you are able to donate please click here; no donation is too small!