This event is the second farmer/rancher outreach opportunity for local farmers and ranchers to observe our local successes to boost carbon sequestration, soil moisture, and plant yields. Thanks to our CDFA Demonstration Project Grant, our head farmer Gregg will talk about the successes in carbon farming, specifically improvements resulting from compost application, mulching, and cover crops. John Austel, 4J Horse and Livestock Owner and Family Ranch Manager, will also be speaking about his use of prescribed grazing as a climate-smart practice, the challenges of promoting carbon farming to San Diego ranchers, and technical assistance experiences with the RCD of Greater San Diego County. Please stop by to meet John and talk with Gregg and learn more about the progress made with Demonstration projects! To register, please use this form.

Event Details:
San Diego Successes in Carbon Farming
April 27, 2019: 1pm-3pm
Tijuana River Valley Community Garden
2100 Hollister Street, San Diego, CA 92154


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